In place of an unnecessary excess of words, here's an unnecessary excess of photos.

Making memories by taking all fourteen boys to town. We spent the morning hiking up to La Cruz, the cross overlooking Rurrenabaque. For lunch we gave everyone some coins and free choice of the street food vendors, and we spent the afternoon learning to swim at the local pool and eating a picnic we'd packed that morning.

Three of the little boys got up at 3am to steal sugar and chocolate powder. They denied it until we showed them photos of the chocolate smeared on their faces, and it was it was slightly gratifying to see the same faces when they were served a dusting of chocolate powder for breakfast instead of banana bread.

Daniel is a goofball and making hats out of everything is one of his defining characteristics.

Three of the four little kids just couldn't make it through worship (they had a long hard day of breaking anything within reach).


Por fin ha llegado a los 20 años.

The campus became so obsessed with marbles big kids were paying little kids with marbles to beat each other up, and several hundred marbles have been thieved from the rooms of adults. So now marbles are permanently banned. Ricardo is counting a small portion of his wealth on the last night before the ban takes effect.

The Guerreros have finally been struck with a common affliction of other houses: lice. Fortunately only three kids had any, and only a few. Unfortunately we had to boil every single piece of their clothing.

Back porch vibes (ignore the bilge spilling into the yard).

Alvaro doing laundry by the grace of God (and bribery).

Look kids a squirrel!

Providing recess supervision.

We don't get vegetables often but when we do we gather to chop them up and freeze them. And play with knives of course.