In August 2022, I moved to Bolivia, along with nine other university students, to live and work as a volunteer at Familia Feliz, a school and home for children from difficult or dangerous situations. The facility is located in rural Rurrenabaque, Beni. In May 2023 my fellow American volunteers finished their term here and returned to the States, but I stayed on until August 2023. I am working as a teacher, house parent, and general helper. This is an infrequent newsletter for family and friends to keep up with my and my team's various misadventures.

A huge thanks to those who helped to support me in this opportunity financially! I pray that God will use me to bring His love into the world and positively impact the lives of those my fellow volunteers and I encounter. I hope this journal can bring a little bit of Rurre into your life and help you see the beauty of God from a different angle.